Q: I can't compile xmms-kde.

Make sure you have the needed development headers for KDE, Qt, xmms and smpeg (optional) installed.
Also check the version number of KDE and Qt that are installed on your system.

Q: I still can't compile xmms-kde.

Please make sure that you followed the installation instructions.
If there are still problems left, please mail to me. Be sure to include information about your platform (distribution, version of KDE, Qt and gcc) along with the output of ./configure or make.

Q: xmms-kde doesn't launch

You can't add xmms-kde to your panel if it was installed in a different path than KDE.
Use ./configure --prefix (see "installation" ) to install xmms-kde into the same prefix as KDE.

Q: i can't control xmms.

xmms-kde may have compiled correctly, but if you didn't install the xmms development package, xmms-kde can't control it.
Install the packages, ./configure, make, make install xmms-kde again.

Q: i can't use arts.

You used "artsdsp xmms" to launch xmms before, but xmms-kde launches without "artsdsp".
Download the arts output plugin for xmms and select it in your xmms player.

Q: I don't want to install MySQL / PostgreSQL.

xmms-kde uses an internal database. There's no need to install a database server.

Q: some MP3s are not in the database.

Database support is still a little buggy. Sorry for that, it gets better.

Q: I don't need database support.

You cannot compile without database support at the moment. But if you disable database support in the configuration dialog, all it costs you is 200kb RAM.

Q: I can't use some Keys as shortcuts.

Sometimes the "windows" keys can't be used as shortcuts. The reason for this is not known.
If you find the bug, contact me :-).